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Re: Season titles for Farscape

Since this has kind of been extended beyond Farscape, here's my 'season titles' for three of my top favorite SF series:
Babylon 5
Season 1: Signs and Portents (perfectly describes what the season is about, so I see no reason to change it)
Season 2: The Long Dark (From what I remember of S2, the season had a pall of darkness cast over it from very early on, and so I think that 'The Long Dark' is an adequate description of the season's tone)
Season 3: War Without End
Season 4: The Long Night
Season 5: The Ragged Edge

Battlestar Galactica
Season 1: The Hand of God
Season 2: Epiphanies (alternate suggestion: Lay Down Your Burdens)
Season 3: Crossroads
Season 4: Revelations

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season 1: In the Hands of the Prophets
Season 2: Crossover
Season 3: The Die is Cast
Season 4: Crossfire
Season 5: Call to Arms
Season 6: In the Pale Moonlight
Season 7: The Dogs of War

Keeping things on topic, though, here's my suggestions for Farscape season titles:
Season 1: Through the Looking Glass
Season 2: The Ugly Truth
Season 3: Into the Lion's Den
Season 4: What Was Lost
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