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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

Here's a little tidbit showcasing just how serious the film makers take Uhura's character.

Pike: Can you speak Romulan?
Uhura: All three dialects.

Conclusion? She can speak Romulan which may in fact be a useful trait to have when our foes are in fact Romulans. But....

Nero: Hello.

The Romulans all speak perfect english rendering Uhura's skill to speak Romulan entirely pointless. But it gets better.

Commentary: JJ, having the Romulans speak english and not Romulan I think is brilliant.

Indeed it is. Anyone else think that they're so full of themselves that they'll just think of one very mediocre idea and assume it's the most brilliant creative thing ever?

Moral of the story: Stop wasting our time with characters that don't do anything. Sure, she can do all sorts of crazy stuff, but what good is all that when you won't let her use any of it? She speaks Romulan? We'll have the Romulans speak english! That's brilliant! She's a communication's officer? We'll have Chekov hail the Narada instead! A planet has minutes left to evacuate and every second counts? We'll have her get up and question Spock who is obviously in a hurry because she's in ruv. I do hate movies where the characters think their love is more important than the billions of lives on an entire planet full of families that probably have a much more interesting relationship than Spock and Uhura's relationship.
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