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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

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And exactly who would have wanted to watch that movie?
Anyone who wanted to and even more if it ended up being a good movie.

I'm going to be honest here. Bringing back the original crew is one thing, but bringing back the mindset of the 60s is another. Last thing I want in a Star Trek film is more women in useless roles where all they do is become the love interest to the male characters. Seriously, they have that classic set up where the men are going to do their "saving the galaxy" stuff that features Uhura simply saying goodbye. I honestly believe the writers for this movie are under some kind of delusional state where they think they're doing female characters a good service, but aren't.

Remember when they introduced Arcee, the only female autobot (heck, the only female Transformer in the movies) into Revenge of the Fallen? Ya, that was certainly a giant leap for female roles. She and her other components were the only Autobots that got killed and stayed that way. They're delusional.
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