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Re: Where's all the TREK EBOOKS at?

JWolf wrote: View Post
All I can sais why the heck do you want to try to screw up Star Trek eBooks for the rest of us?
You may wish to get down off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and GET OVER IT. I'm not in some sort of conspiracy or anything like that. I'm simply exercising my rights as a consumer. I find Apple convenient to buy from; check. I find iBooks convenient to use; check. I find their prices reasonable; check. That's it, really.

If you don't agree, then by all means, don't buy from Apple. Paint them as The Man(tm) if you wish. Vote with your wallet. But you will not drag me into this, understand? IT'S NOT MY FIGHT.

You obviously do not care about being an adult. You just have to flaunt the fact that you are going to do this no matter the consequences and let the rest of us be damned.
You will, please, stop that. Like I said, I'm not deliberately trying to oppress The People(tm), I'm simply exercising MY RIGHTS as a consumer. I buy from Apple because they are convenient for me to use, and I find their prices reasonable. You don't have to agree, of course. Everyone has the right to buy from wherever they find convenient. If, for me, this happens to be Apple, then that is the end of the discussion.

At least buy them from some other eBook shop, strip the DRM

I'm not a pirate, thank you.

At least it would not give any money to Apple for eBooks from the agency 5.
Like I said, it's not my fight.
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