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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@BolianAdmiral and Tiberius - Thanks!

With scenes to look for from TIN_MAN and Mytran, I went back to the vertical pipe conduit and re-worked it a bit for a scene from "The Enemy Within". I think the proportions are alot better now (still not an exact match).

@Mytran - I got a chance to rewatch "Mudd's Women" and you are correct. The implication with the turbolift ride is that the long corridor is below Deck 12 (and also means there is a transporter room in the engineering hull.) But if that is so, then I would imagine there would be a transporter room in the primary hull also and we would have the same possibility for confusion like the engine rooms would have. In anycase, it would make sense for at least one transporter room in each hull though
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