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Re: Season titles for Farscape

To name the seasons after pivotal episodes that are excellent in and of themselves while also symbolising the overall arc of the season, B5-style:

s1: A Human Reaction.
s2: Won't Get Fooled Again.
s3: Infinite Possibilities.
s4: Terra Firma.

With apologies to the OP, may I extend this idea to our other favourite shows?

s1: Welcome to the Hellmouth.
s2: Surprise.
s3: Bad Girls.
s4: The Initiative.
s5: No Place like Home.
s6: Entropy.
s7: Bring on the Night.

s1: Sanctuary.
s2: Redefinition.
s3: Sleep Tight.
s4: Apocalypse Nowish.
s5: A Hole in the World.
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