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Re: Where's all the TREK EBOOKS at?

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As long as the ebooks don't cost MORE than the paperbacks, I really could give a damn.
But they do cost more than the paperbacks; I can get the books in print for 25-33% off list at Borders with their weekly coupons. There's no equivalent discount on ebooks anymore.
Hmm. Well in that case, I'll pay the premium for ebooks, via iBooks , since they're just too darn convenient.
All I can sais why the heck do you want to try to screw up Star Trek eBooks for the rest of us? We want eBooks sold via iBooks to tank so maybe Apple will stop selling them. Then prices can hopefully get back to being realistic once again. You obviously do not care about being an adult. You just have to flaunt the fact that you are going to do this no matter the consequences and let the rest of us be damned. At least buy them from some other eBook shop, strip the DRM and then read via iBooks. At least it would not give any money to Apple for eBooks from the agency 5.
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