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Here's a teaser of last weekend's work. I put my Enterprise model on hold because it was getting too tedious so I decided to do something a little more free form and that shows more progress in a shorter time to keep me amused I'm thinking about importing this puppy into blender and trying my hand at some more advanced stuff like skins and better lighting. I've never used blender so that should be interesting.

I am not going to add glowing grills on the outboard side of the nacelles but instead a pennant of some kind. Once I add them, the impulse engines will glow with a subtle red orange and the Bussards will glow as well. I might eve try my hand at deck plans and if I feel bored enough I'll do them in 3D in AutoCAD Arch Desktop and then that will allow me to do some fly-throughs....

I'm basing my model on this fine piece of art

Questions, comments?

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