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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

^ The cast of "The Cage" was somewhat better balanced than the eventual TOS cast was. Two of six main cast members were female (Pike, Number One, Spock, Colt, Tyler, Boyce), and one of those was the first officer and helmsman. The role of the yeoman was also much more active than that eventually assumed by Rand and a rotating cast.

The initial broadcast version of the original series was also slightly better - two of six credited stars and co-stars were still female (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott, Uhura, Rand), but the roles of the female cast members were greatly reduced, and their personalities were a good deal more emotional and less businesslike.

The show became much more unbalanced later, with the elevation of Sulu, departure of Rand, and introduction of Chekov. This is, unfortunately, the cast balance inherited by the new films - only one of seven credited stars is female.

I would like to see this imbalance addressed somehow (Colt or a female chief of security might fit in nicely; Rand and the later yeoman would be much too young ten years earlier), but I hope Uhura's screen time declines. She was the only major character I disliked in the movie (except Nero).

I found the degree to which she was emotive and emotionally-driven off-putting. Compare her with a male character in the film - Sulu, Chekov, Pike - and the difference is striking. Even the contrast with the female characters of 1964 ("The Cage") is notable. Observe both Number One and Colt in "The Menagerie". They seem similar in demeanor to the male officers - intelligent before emotional, much more like real-life female officers. (Note that Colt is intellectually-driven despite her apparent "very strong female drives".)

I'd hope to see someone more along these lines, or like one of the female leads from the post-TNG series, given a major role (Number One, somehow?), especially as an alternative to a greater focus on Uhura.
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