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Re: Are you a Blu-Ray & 3D skeptic?

Re: The "standard" thing, MLB is talking about.

I think he's talking about the fact that there's no programing/software/hardware standard yet to the extent that one has to have glasses made specifically for the TV. You can't, for example, take your glasses to a friend's different TV and have it work.

This, I believe, is related to there being no programing/software-to-hardware standard.

Think of it this way: Imagine if every maker of a DVD player had their own "standard" when it came to the media. Whenever you bought a DVD you had to make sure you bought the correct maker's DVD and that DVD could only be played on your machine (or that maker's machine.)

A bit of an extreme example, sure, but it's pretty much the problem. Some-what similar to the whole DVD-R/DVD+R BS when recordable DVDs first came out. There was no standard and you had to ensure your machine recording the DVDs was correct and the machine playing the DVDs had to be the same format and the discs themselves had to be the same format.

Hell, an even better example is from the earlier days of computer software where, setting aside Apple, there were several OS formats and your software had to match. Then Windows came along and standarized/took it all over. No longer did you have to worry about whether your software could run on DOS, Amiga, whatever because everything ran on Windows. This needs to happen with 3D TVs. It needs to made so that any pair of glasses you buy works on any and every TV.
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