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Re: Are you a Blu-Ray & 3D skeptic?

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Well, in theory, film infinte resolution, so...

Well, it's like digital cameras. At some point, having a 100 megapixel camera doesn't actually get you anything other than winning the metaphorical size contest.

Films show at 4k resolution (about 4 times standard HD) was the new hotness last year and from all reports, that seems to be amazing... but if you don't have a home theater with a projector in your home, it's almost wasted.

Of course, most high end monitors now "1600p" or thereabouts - but there's a difference between needing more resolution for working on a computer where you are setting next to the screen and television where most people have giant TVs and are sitting several meters away.

Oh well... short of something amazing, I can't imagine upgrading everything again just to accommodate a new standard. I'm sort of hoping that the slow adoption of Blu-Ray/HD means no one is going to rush to push a new standard any time soon.
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