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Re: Are you a Blu-Ray & 3D skeptic?

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Warped9 wrote:
Maybe it has partly to do with growing up with B&W CRT television, then colour, VHS and then finally DVD.
I don't think that has much to do with it, beyond personal preference.

I'll happily upgrade to an ipod and a Bluray player when I can afford to, but I'll still collect vinyl records and super 8 reels (and 16mm reels when I can afford another working projector) because I like them.
What I mean is that while I can appreciate a good picture--and, yes, our idea of good changes over time and experience--it's still television. Or maybe it's just an idea I have in my head.

Film is one thing, but television is another. For example I'm not crazy about TOS on Blu-Ray. Never mind the TOS-R issue. I feel the Blu-Ray resolution hurts TOS' live-action footage because you see more things that were never meant to be seen in terms of production limitations. DVD was a happy compromise of having restored picture, detail and colour without revealing too much.
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