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Re: Are you a Blu-Ray & 3D skeptic?

Blu-Ray, no. I've, more or less, officially adopted it. Any meaningful movie I buy from now on I'll buy on BD, I'll finish my TV seasons with DVDs though for the sake of consistancy.

BD is backwards compatable with DVDs and the quality is hugely noticable. So like the step-up from DVD Blu-Ray I'm sold on.

3D? Not yet, not so much. Right now the equipment is prhobitively expensive, it's not standardized to the point where you couldn't use your glasses on a friend's TV (unless he had the same TV as you) and the media is non-exsistant. (Monsters v. Aliens. Whoop-dee-doo.) Plus it'd be just annoying to have to wear glasses to enjoy it as I rarely will just sit down to watch a movie in that manner. So the 3D thing isn't there yet. Someday, maybe when the cost comes down and they're able to do it without the need for glasses.

Blue-Ray? Sold on it and it is worth it.
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