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Are you a Blu-Ray & 3D skeptic?

Even after a few years I'm still not sold on Blu-Ray yet. Sure the cost of hardware has come way down and the movie discs themselves have also become more reasonably priced. But I'm still not sold.

Except in some applications I still don't see enough of a difference to convince me to leap for it until I absolutely have to. The other criticism I have is that discs seem to take so damned long to load.

Maybe it has partly to do with growing up with B&W CRT television, then colour, VHS and then finally DVD.

And now there's 3D. Maybe it's my eyes but while I can see some extra depth I don't notice a huge difference. There's also the fact that you need expensive eye wear to watch it. Until they can do 3D without glasses and not have to be pretty much at right angles to the screen I see it all as just a gimmick.

Of course I feel much the same about expensive home theatre systems. It might well be nice, but every time I've been exposed to it it seems as if it's just an excuse to play everything too damned loud. As far as I can see you won't hear the great clarity for long because you'll make your self deaf.

Maybe I'm just a stick-in-the-mud.
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