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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

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The studio was definitely positioning her as a major player in this franchise. Which makes sense. I hate to sound PC, but we need more women in prominent roles in Trek.
I apologise in advance, but this is my pet hate! It's not PC to call for more women; it's common sense. TOS was pushing the envelope when it featured female officers (never mind a black female officer) but it dropped the ball by featuring too many yeomen (i.e. nco's whose job it was to serve coffee) rather than women in positions of authority.

The problem that Trek has had all along is not just the absence of women in prominent roles but it is the absence of women period. Women form just over half of the human race and yet we see that only about a third of starfleet crew are women and pretty much every Federation species seems to follow this imbalance. The fact that the Federation is always banging on about equality demonstrates that the imbalance isn't a conscious decision by Starfleet but a problem with the writers and casting people.

NuTrek dropped the ball itself by doing little with the recurring women from TOS in spite of there being several simple ways to feature characters like T'Pau, Janice Rand, or Number One, and even though Christine Chapel was a biologist with experience in exo-archaeology and paleobiology from her time with Korby, we see that she is still a nurse in NuTrek who will be little more than McCoy's sidekick even if they decide to give her some lines in the next film.

They are a bit limted because so many of the TOS characters were men. However, apart from Gaila (whose main job was to flash her body in a comic scene) and the two mothers (who pretty much need to be women) the principle new characters (captain & first officers of the Kelvin, Olsen, Keenser, admiral with lines, vulcan scientist with lines) are all men. Even the increase in Uhura's role is almost entirely due to her role as a love interest.

Overall Trek's recent record on equality has been poor compared to many other sci fi franchises. It does ok with a few high profile female characters (usually 2-3 in the main cast and maybe 1-2 recurring guests) but if you do a direct comparison the real ratio is more than 2:1. Not a good effort.
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