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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

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Hey lucky folks who get to these showings................

It has always been said that the 70mm version of TWOK has a few other minor differences from the 35mm version besides the lack of 'II' in the title.

Specifically for one, the part in the pod with Kirk, Sulu, McCoy etc has a couple of lines not in the other cuts.

NO, not the entire Sulu's 'promotion' dialogue, but a few more words by Sulu before they cut to the exterior shot of the pod.

will anybody who sees this please check to see if this is true?

I would really appreciate it!!
As I mentioned in the first post of this thread, the "II" is not on the 70mm prints. I started this thread in 2008 after seeing a 70mm print. Even note the title of this thread. The "II" is absent.

That is the only difference however. There isn't any extra dialogue.

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