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Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.

I am not one to give up easily. :P So I guess I just write the next bit as well and wait again paitently.

„Commander Worf, he begann, I donīt want to seem rude, its just that....“
The Klingon nodded, suprizing the Cardassian with his perceptioness. „I understand, Legate.“
Damar gave Worf a grateful smile and glanced at the waiting Starfleet Officers, indicating that he was ready.
One Officer stepped up, an apoligetic expression on his face. „We need to search you for weapons first Sir. Itīs protocoll.“
„Of course“ Damar said.
The Officer scanned him with his Tricorder and finally, nodding his approval, stepped up to the door panel, typing in a security code. „You may enter, Sir.“
For a brief moment Damar thought about turning around and not entering, but just than the door slid open and he had no other choice left, than to step through it.

In the room behind he saw two other Security Officers and three holding cells. The left and middle ones were dark, but the right one was alight and secured with a force field. And there he stood, straight and proud, looking at him.
Damar felt relieved. He had feared of finding a broken man, crouched on the floor, but the Dukat he saw now seemed just like Dukat and he also looked like Dukat again. Cardassian, not Bajoran.
Damar stepped up to him.
„Sir.“ he said softly and cursed himself for suddenly feeling like a new made Glinn again, standing in front of his superior officer for the first time. „I am a Legate“, he reminded himself silently.
„Hello Damar“, Dukat spoke up, his voice hard and arrogant, his eyes piercing and cold.
„So youīve decidet to visit me in this... place. Why?“ …..

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