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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

That’s a good bit of thinking guess it cut time down by minutes, rather than undoing the whole thing! LOL

Even almost placed it back to front and that can be easily done.

Always make sure the soundtrack is facing you!

If the soundtrack is on the opposite side then exciter lamp light beam won’t shine on the photo optical soundtrack. Also the image will be reversed, (no you don’t say). LOL

One projectionist even forgot to flip the (W/S lens) over to (scope lens for “The Hunt For Red October”) in screen 5. By the time I noticed it peering though the port window after being in another booth,. I noticed all the image was stretched vertically. The film had been running for 15 minutes and the audience didn’t even notice or a complaint made to management. Just goes to show not how many of them are technical advanced.

I guess you might have seen a xenon explode? I wasn’t there to see or hear go kaboom! After the word got around that xenon lamp exploded in one of the smaller screens, (was it screen 3 and 4).

The show was only delayed hey what can, you do. The mess inside was like sugar! Wow that must have been some explosion to shatter it, into (millions of fine shards of broken glass), that had to be swept up with (dustpan and brush) and finally vacuumed out to make sure the lamp house was free from any small pieces.

In the training we where all, brief never to open up the lamp house while it’s been running, for some time.
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