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Re: a new Western as a TV episodic series? discuss

I think we may very well never see another tv western like Deadwood. The authenticity of it was unparalleled. That level of authenticity does require a certain amount of budgetary needs, but what really killed the show was the large cast. It's very difficult to keep a show safe, unless it only supports a cast of less than ten main characters. There were just so many actors with long running, frequently featured roles. It made the show a brilliant experience, but that money adds up fast

Making modern westerns is tough, because it has to BE about something too, & there is a limited amount of directions that are viable, or that viewers would show interest in. Plus, there is always going to be a certain lack of authenticity, if ever the producers wish to avoid the realism of the old west, which was a remarkably sexist, racist, violent time. Otherwise, you're relegated to uncensored cable production, & like I said, a show like Deadwood is rare, perhaps unique
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