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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

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I have the original DC comics, but would like to have a one-volume copy for easy access. How did they do with the new coloring?
IDW (2009) uses a different colouring method, which seems to involve a computerized blurring of the "tiny dots" (original grey-screened overlays) in the individual comics. Some panels work better than other. No introduction, either.
Today I saw a copy of the Alternate Universes reprints of the DC Mirror Universe Saga and was disappointed in the coloring process you describe. The original comics are just fine, as DC was upgrading their paper and color stock around 1984. For those who already own the original comics, I'd say save your money. The reprints of the Marvel Trek looked even worse. In addition to the lack of introduction, there wasn't a cover gallery, either.
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