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Re: Is there a series that I have missed?

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  • Buffy - Won't touch that Did actually watch buffy a long time ago but not my stuff anymore. Same goes for dark angel which I never liked.
Fair enough, but I would point out that Buffy's spinoff (and a fantastic series in its own right) is just Angel. Dark Angel is a completely unrelated show.
Aah, my mistake!

I've received a lot of suggestions on animated series. However that stuff is not up my alley. I like to have real facial expressions. For me that would be 50% of the roles. Sries!

Lost has been up in the air again and I might check it out someday because the premise itself is not bad. I just find that it lacks the personalities (and it has been a while since I watched lost so I might even be wrong on that one) and "realism" i seek atm.

Caprica I'll have to watch when the series is done, but I can imagine I'll follow that one. Just out of pure love for BSG.

I'm actually interested in The Twilight Zone. I'll give it a shot!
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