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Re: Best Marvel comics of the past 10 years

That is the Whedon arc of Astonishing. I would caution that it's mainly worth it for the Cassaday art. The new Hellfire Club bit is pretty cool, but the other two arcs are as forgettable as any X-Men arc (even though something "important" happens, it probably ought not have).

I'm not sure if those issues of Avengers vol. 3 include any of Busiek's sweet, if very old-school, run, or if he was done by that point. I'm pretty positive that not all of it is Busiek. In fact, I think some of it is Austen's excruciatingly bad run.

If that Eternals 1-7 is the Gaiman Eternals series, it's okay. For some reason I think that was a original graphic novel, not a series, so this 1-7 noise might be something else, and likely worse, entirely.

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