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Re: Best Marvel comics of the past 10 years

Not sure of the timeframe, but borrowing a friends' collection of the "Exiles" run is what got me interested in comics. I'd highly recommend them. (Don't bother with "New Exiles"... I still have no idea how they managed to write something simultaneously over-explicated and confusing as all hell).

Planet Hulk, and the Incredible Hercules that spun from it.

Avengers: the Initiative is a title I've enjoyed, but it relies a lot on the big events in the universe.

The most recent X-Force is another series with consistently good story and art.

X-Factor is generally strong (barring a few rough patches here and there), and it's written by Peter David, whose Trek work I know you like.

Ultimate Spider-Man is an excellent reinvention of the mythology. Be sure to bail out before the astonishing crapfest that is Ultimatum.

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