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Re: Best Marvel comics of the past 10 years

Grant Morrison's New X-Men.*
Ultimates 1 and 2.
Civil War.

Also, Alias. I don't know if that's <10 years old, but it was pretty good. More recently, and I can't speak for the whole runs, but what I've read of Brubaker's Iron Fist and Pak's Hercules has been really entertaining, especially Hercules, which reminds me very much of Giffen and DeMatteis' Justice League in tone and style. It's not quite at that level, but it's excellent fun.

Someone mentioned Iron Man Extremis, which is good, and might seem very cool--if you'd never read a Warren Ellis comic before. It hits virtually every note Warren Ellis hits in everything else he's done since Transmet. "DMT is good for you!" We know, Warren. We've known since the Doctor told us ten or fifteen years ago in fucking StormWatch. And the antagonist is no Mandarin, just the same boring Tim McVeigh-clone Ellis uses when he can't think of especially interesting motivations or characterization.

Everyone apparently loves Simone's Deadpool, although I confess I've never read more than a page or two I've seen on the Internet.

*Actually, it's a neat run, but this is pretty skippable, especially once Magneto bites it again. Skippable like every X-Men comic published since X-Men #3, lo so many years ago.

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