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Re: Best Marvel comics of the past 10 years

GotG if the trade paper back ever comes out

G for Guardians and Galaxy

Reasons : its got muttnik, better known as Cosmo he is a talking dog with the telepathic powers and speaks heavily accented English
Vis eez how you zpeak viff a Eeenglish Accend.

dumbass Marvel canceled GotG to support crap like the Siege

Some other good ones already mentioned Joss Whedon's run on X-Men, J. Michael Straczynski take on the Marvel Gods and Thor vol I to III
also might be worth checking Warren Ellis Ironman Extremis, War Machine looked good, Ms Marvel and IronFist may have taken off as great titles but Marvel did not give the characters full support....the Planet hulk and World War Hulk arc is a good action packed drama with lots of smashing.
Punisher by Garth Ennis is good but not everyone loves him, the story can be a bit psycho.
Ultimates is ok, some love it some hate it, characters can be exaggerated but that's what Ultimate verse is, its a different view from an alternate reality.
That's about it, I would not recommend much else, Marvel has a few gems these past 10 years but it also wrote a lot of flops.
Oh yeah and if you love the obscure cosmic galaxy spanning stuff check out
Annihilation, apart from not having anything to do with Earth its got everything its got invasions, drama, love, wars, Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Kree, the Titan, robot bugs eating galaxies and GALACTUS Yeah that's right the big man who pimps the galaxies themselves, fuck you short stuff being huge is the shit

Anyway if you've read a lot of modern titles I would say don't bother with much more you may go on overload. Go back to basics and download the Classics or Essentials from old giants like Stan Lee, Jim Starlin, Kurt Busiek, Jack Kirby etc

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