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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Yeah I remember those panels.

Amber was it needs to laced-up if I fully recall.
Green ready to run the show/
Red! Well that’s not good at all! LOL Ether the film has got jammed in the (film gate or there is huge pile of film snowballing up on the cake platter) LMAO

Oh, yeah I’ve seen it.

Hey it happens its called working stress and worry.

I’ve even laced-up the wrong film for the afternoon kiddie’s mommies.

I think it was one of the smaller screen 3 or 4 well there in the same booth together!

Yeah the task was look at the (white wipe) for film title. Okay its “All dogs go to heaven”

I walked around to find the head-leader on the film removed the centre halo ring placed it on the wind-off platter, placed the film feeder in the centre hole on the platter, started thread the film though and up and down and around the rollers to the projector and back to the platter.

Then started to clean down the lens sprockets sound head and film gate and aperture plates with bush, then finally using Co2 air to give it a good spotless clean off.

Started to lace-up with plenty of time (mind you I was only a trainee at the time). I started at top sprocket down to the film gate around and over the intermittent sprocket over the sound head then locked up the film gate (checked the racking) also checking the loop on the (intermittent sprocket) for the correct size. Too wide not good! Too narrow not good!

I checked the lens for W/S as “All dogs go to heaven” was 1.85:1W/S. waited for the auditorium to be full well it was afternoon, there was only 20 or so waited for the time and then started up the projector.

Opened the dowser faded the Dolby fader up to what was said on the (white wipe board) adjusted focus on white titles, and just let UCI logo play out with adds and trailers!..And that was when I heard a knock on the booth door, during the trailers.

The usher was saying. “You’ve got the wrong film on” LMAO Oh, my god! I had to ask a co-worker to sort this out as I wasn’t trained or haven’t been fully briefed enough about playing the wrong film.

Hundreds or feet of film had passed though by then. The projector was stopped and bullshit usher told the audience, “We have problem”. LOL

It only took about 15 minutes to sort it out. Otherwise the mommies and kiddies would be treated to “Society” rated 18 I guess I'm an early version of "Tyler Durden" only its not single frames of pornography spliced into a family film, its the whole full Monty!

If the usher had left too early I would have walked out the booth, not knowing what film the families was watching?
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.
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