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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Frankly, I miss the longer version of the scene between Richards and Garrovick. I know there were problems with it, but I think the overlong Captain's Log that replaced it was a poor choice.

When I saw the episode all the way through, that scene was one that I told both Jimm and Dennis that it had a chilling effect on the remainder of the episode. Richards was to seem annoying to Garrovick because she was under foot... but the character as filmed/acted was running dangerously close (actually, crossed the line) to being annoying to the audience. The role of the editor is to protect the story and the characters, even if it is protecting them from themselves.

I think the editing out of many of Richards more annoying aspects makes her a more endearing character in the episode. And the same thing could be said about how both Harris and Cutty were dealt with in editing as well.

I may not know anything about the movie/television business, but from what I gather writers over write stories on the page, directors attempt to get as much footage as possible in the can, and editors attempt to carve out the final work from all that excess.

The hardest rule to follow in creative endeavors like this is: less is more.

Exeter may not be the fastest fan film to be released, but I sure can't fault most of the editing choices made so far.
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