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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

The favourite of all of my ships. (Since my Akira Class is no longer a viable option.) Luvs my Star Hammer.

My second favourite, a shame it is Cdr rank. I'll likely continue to use it into Cpt like I did with my Akira, but I do not look forward to mothballing it in favour of a Vor'cha.

My Constitution refit. A shame that the only area that actually looks like the canonical warp is the area outside of the Captain's Table.

My DSSV, the U.S.S. Omega Point after I was distracted for a bit while pootling along at max impulse. I broke through the zone wall whilst trying to get far enough away from the planet with the terraforming sphere around it to get a screenshot of the entire planet in the background. When I looked back at the screen, everything went black and white, so I took a few screens. :3


Whoops, forgot how enormous that DSSV pic was. Resized and linked to the original picture.

=edit again=

May as well post this, too. ^.^

My first Klingon battlecruiser, a K'tanco class.

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