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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

While STVI sounded good through the XBox digital projector connection; it didn't look very good. The morons from Regal Cinemedia didn't believe in adjusting the picture to fill the screen properly. Also the relatively tiny lamps in the digital projector didn't throw near enough light as a 4.5KW xenon bulb. He had first tested the setup with the game Halo 2 and a set of good wireless controllers. After that test several of my employees would have volunteered to work for free if they could just play Halo on the big screen.
Since the image from the digital projector didn't match up with the film projector's image we were constantly getting complaints from our customers. I've been to other UA, AMC, and Cinemark theatres that now use the same system, and they have the same problem. I even complained to our Cinemedia tech about the ads ending late and his reaction was basically "They don't end late." I'm like "If the movie is supposed to start at 7:00 I should be able to walk to the projector at exactly 7:00 and press Start, and not have 4 to 5 minutes of ads left to run." At the end of the ad presentation there's a cue frame with the logo and a little projector icon in the corner indicating that it's time to start. There's even a flashing green light on the automation panel that flashes for 30 seconds. If the projector is late or early starting the system generates an error message that goes to corporate. Even the server in the booth that controls everything was the time displayed as a screensaver. And it's clock is right. Regal's doing this on purpose and now apparently every theatre that uses National Cinemedia has their movies starting late. I saw Star Trek XI five times at both AMC and Cinemark locations and they were all late. And one time the projectionist started the wrong movie.
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