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Re: Furry Stupidity.

Why I like Neelix.

TUVOK: Why would you need to do research on Vulcan holidays?
NEELIX: It's part of my job as morale officer.
TUVOK: Morale is irrelevant to a Vulcan.
NEELIX: Oh, please! There's no one on this ship requires my services more than you do. I will not rest until I see you smile.
TUVOK: Then you will not rest.
NEELIX: I don't suppose you've ever heard of the Vulcan Rumarie?
TUVOK: The Rumarie is an ancient pagan festival.
NEELIX: Full of barely clothed Vulcan men and women covered in slippery Rillan grease, chasing one another.
TUVOK: That has not been observed for a millennium.
NEELIX: Well it's time to bring it back!
Lieutenant Tuvok, report to engineering immediately.
TUVOK: Acknowledged.
NEELIX: I've been thinking of a Rumarie theme for the mess hall next week. Lots of high fat, greasy foods, and if people want to take of their clothes and chase one another it certainly wouldn't hurt morale around here.
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