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Re: May Art Challenge - Herkimer Jitty

The Metaluna resemblance is very strong. I was basically thinking "what if the 1950s crapped all over the Enterprise?".

The Metaluna is a bit more practical, though. This is like... a hot rod fantasy.

judexavier wrote: View Post
Man, that is just really cool...(I need to find the right "period-word")
That's awesome. I could actually see that fleshed out into something "real"
for the most part. (Has the federation ever had a red ship?) Perhaps the dish could be over-stylized in chrome and mounted like a hood ornament. Perhaps some buick portholes...
Yeah, I was thinking that the dish would be chrome. And that it would retract and/or pivot whenever it would be cool - not necessarily whenever it would be practical. Also the little lip around it is meant to be chrome, and those little... gill thingies on the backs of the nacelles.

Oh and, "really cool, daddy-oh!" is the period lingo I think you're lookin' for, cat. *snaps fingers*
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