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Re: iPad Owners: What was the first Star Trek title you bought/loaded?

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Well, I bought my first eBook title for my iPad: Seven Deadly Sins.

And I bought it through iBooks. So there.
You don't get it. Apple allowed the Agency pricing. They are responsible for the mess it's caused. Before the agency pricing, I could get most Trek eBooks for less then $7.99 (for new ones). Now the price is at $7.99 for most new ones. This is without any sort of sale or discount. The agency model now says that there cannot be any sales or discounts. The paper editions can have discounts.

Now you have an eBook tethered to just the iPad. Because it's stuck with just one place to read it, the value is even less. If you want Trek eBooks, buy from any shop other then Apple and strip the DRM. iBooks will allow you to sync DRM-free ePub. At least you'd have an eBook with more value because it's not stuck on just one device.
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