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Re: Star Trek Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

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Hey, all you fans of independent Trek productions: The debut episode of Star Trek: Phoenix, entitled "Cloak and Dagger," will become available online this Sunday, May 2.

STP is a live-action series set 42 years after Nemesis, and from what I've seen of it, it looks to be a spectacular production. It's being made by a group from the Seattle, Washington, area, and "Cloak" is a 30-minute voyage with the likelihood of an hour-long follow-up sometime soon.

For more information, go to their Website at

You know, in some ways its better than Phase II! I can see everyone trying very hard..acting is slightly better..though not great. I love the uniforms and of course, love the time period.

Some highs..the transporter room...kind of neat..its different....shows imagination. The use of music is better than Phase II! Some of the FX shots, while not exactly pro quality, are very convincing.

Lows? Well the story could have been a little more...coherent. The Romulan towards the end is chewing scenery worse than Shatner!
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