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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Captain Rob

You should have ran it side by side with 70mm print, reduce the image size somehow and project the two at the same time on the same screen for comparison. LOL Its easy the 70mm will win!

You just knew it was loud. So I assume you didn’t use an SPL db meter. The highest I’ve noticed at the Empire in recent years since attending again back around 2007 for “Transformers” was 120dbc on the highest peak low frequency moments.

That would be when Iron Hide flipped over a screaming girl. Wow just low end pressing on my body and the stillness in the background was (rattle vibration free) now that is sound system where you only hear the sound, without distractions!

I can even recall “The Hunt For Red October” Dolby SR at UCI when I worked there. I think it was screen 5 or 6? At the time it was interlocked just moved from screen 5 to 6 on pair legs that it grew overnight.

The scene where the Red October is underwater, well there was many scenes like it, it was somewhere in the 2 to 3 reel. The frame that holds the stage speakers centre channel rattled! Now that was distracting.

I only popped in the auditorium for quick listen. Amazing how very few of us can remember events small events in cinema from 20 or 30 or even nearly 40 years back.

Also a few later I went to see film there, (no longer working for them) I think it was, oh, bugger! I have the tickets still I’d need to flip though them because I’d often write a small comment on the back of the ticket.

Type of presentation
Scope or W/S
Dolby A/SR
Overall presentation

The title will come to me, I’m 100% I have it on DVD.
It was the same issue of vibration buzzing the frame support wasn’t that good if played high or with low frequencies at high SPL db.

I do recall "Tango & Cash" in Dolby SR /scope and one the other projectionist turned up the Dolby fader to nearly 10! When it was set by the chief below “7” usually 5.5 to 6.5 the chief would have skinned him alive if he saw him. "Okay let's do it" [deep bass line music]

It did how ever result in damage to one of the surrounds in the auditorium. I think it was in screen 4 or 3 at the time, after playing for weeks in screen 6 I believe.

The surrounds should give even unnoticeable smooth even frequency response, without telling which one is playing? Well they all had the same, sound from the matrix surround.

With one busted in, I think it was the second one from the back on the (was it left or right?) It was the second one from the back.

There was 6 in the small screens with an odd one placed right at the very back because of the shape of the auditoriums. Only screen 5 and 6 was an even shape that was mirrored.

The surround just rattled all the time, and I just couldn’t help looking up at. Yes it was on the left! I was sat on the right far outer seat that is near to the centreline. Yes it was left, surround, that was done in.

“Always” in Dolby stereo type A with the fire extinguisher on Hal’s airplane sounding overhead or all-around got my attention looking up and all around as that was point to create diffusion/defocusing the surround.

Gordon Bennett, I can’t even find a picture of UCI or Empire cinema Tower Park on Google image. It doesn’t surprise me at all.
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.

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