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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Man, nothing beats seeing Star Trek in a real movie theatre, especially in 70 mm. Wish I could go.
Fantastic pictures. That's one big auditorium.
As for damaging speakers. When we ran the THX logo on full blast (10) on opening night of "Top Gun"; I made sure to stand in the back of the auditorium. The surround cabinets were hung with chains but the cabinet bottom edge only rested on a metal track. At the loudest part of the logo, one of the cabinets started hopping in it's track. That's thew last time we ran it that loud. The only thing louder at that show was the squadron of F-14 pilots (Naval Aviators) that we got from the local Naval Air Station. They showed up in their flight suits and answered questions before and after the show.
While I was at the Northstar in 2003 we had Christie LCD digital projectors installed by Regal Cinemedia ( now National CineMedia). These were for running digital ads and special presentations. Each auditorium's projector was connected to it's own computer. After reading through the projector's manual I discovered that other stuff could be plugged into it. I was able to plug my XBox into it and into the non-sync input for the THX sound system. One night after work I just popped in my STVI DVD and it looked and sounded pretty good.
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