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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Actually, I think it is a testament to how much people like Exeter that the end of the story hasn't been revealed in all this time. It isn't as though a ton of people haven't already seen it (in rough cut form) or read the script (back in 2004) or saw the filming of most of it (again, back in 2004).

Even with people making calls to release the segments before they are ready during all this time, I don't think I recall anyone asking (directly) what happens at the end. I think that is quite cool!

I know most people will disagree with this (not having seen the full film) but I remarked to Dennis a few years back that the delayed release schedule has actually increased the impact of the story.

Of course that was just before the release of the third segment and I had no idea that the final segment was going to take this long to finish... but I'm still glad that the original schedule was flushed out an airlock!
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