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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

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Interesting that this thread got bumped recently.

All of the original Trek films will be playing in 70mm in LA this summer (though I don't really believe TMP will be shown that way).

Wow I’d define anyone that on this site that doesn’t live within a 100 miles of LA! 70mm Dolby =

I’ve had my share of Star Trek 70mm six-track Dolby stereo JBL THX to last a lifetime. Well I’m still living it, to this day.

I'll spared the word!

Edit: this is how they make there money with each film on Saturdays at $10.00 each.

Saturday June 12th
Star Trek The Motion Picture
(PG • 147 min.) 11:55pm

Saturday June 19th
Star Trek I I The Wrath Of Khan
(PG • 128 min.) 11

Saturday 26th June
Star Trek I I I The Search For Spock
(PG • 120 min.) 11:55pm

Saturday July 10th
Star Trek I V The Voyage Home
(PG • 134 min.) 11:55pm

Saturday July 17th
Star Trek V The Final Frontier
(PG • 122 min.) 11:55pm

Saturday July 24th
Star Trek V I The Undiscovered Country
(PG • 128 min.) 11:55pm

The Star Trek marathon that I saw 20 years ago was only 10.00 for the whole day in THX!

Also it would be very interesting feedback on the conduction of the 70mm prints after so many years. Any picture fading colour scratches and any lose to the magnetic tracks.
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