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Re: Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

I started this thread some time ago, asking If there was a lack of creativity in the costumes in NuBSG. I'd just watched about half of the first series and the miniseries and I came away feeling something was lacking from the show.

I don't think I worded the question right, or if I really understood what the question was.
The costumes of a parallel-seeming world being identical to western-society shouldn't have bothered me, but they did. Perhaps I was boxed in by my preconceptions having grown up with the original BSG.

I understand the logic of the 'bible' reasons for the costume choices in that the producers wanted the audience to identify with the characters. I understand the concepts of a 'racial memory' idea, and of the idea of history as a 'cycle'.

I also appreciate budget concerns RE: multiple costumes and design costs.

However I still feel something was lacking. I felt the same way about Heroes, and the episode of V 2009 a friend showed me recently left me feeling the same way. It reminded me of the Stargate SG1 episodes about the A-Shen, the boring humourless and sneaky planet-stealers, and that was before the Visitors appeared on-screen. It felt similar to NuBSG, it felt like cold steel girders and glass, the structure was solid but it felt cold and empty.

I haven't seen Caprica yet, nor the new Star Trek movie, so I can't judge if this is something in the recent spate of SCi-Fi that turns me off.

Is it the current trend toward 'realistic' visions of the future or is it the vision of a future without optimism, even the Cyberpunk genre had more warmth than I've seen recently.
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