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Re: a new Western as a TV episodic series? discuss

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. . . See, this is why the only Western I like is Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Great writing and characters aside, it was the first (and most likely only) western to show the real story of America. How our so-called free society systematically destroyed the culture that already lived here. Older shows such as Bonanaza, only portrayed Indians as “the bad guys.”
Have you actually watched any old TV Westerns? Many of them portrayed American Indians in a sympathetic light.

As for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, I found its Politically Correct approach absurdly anachronistic. The show frequently dealt with “issues” that simply WEREN'T issues in the 1870s. One critic quipped that he wouldn't have been surprised if the characters had called Indians “Native Americans” and cowboys “cowpersons.”
I've seen a few. I didn't care for them. And Dr. Quinn is by no means perfect (they rarely got historical dates right for example), but it's still the best western I've ever seen. As far as "politically correct" goes, remember, this show WAS made in the 1990's.
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