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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

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The problem also was that we've already seen this sort of angle taken in Batman Forever (Edward Nygma's hero-worship of Bruce Wayne turning to enmity) and Spider-man 3 (between Peter/ Spidey and Eddir Brock/ Venom).
I don't see either of those guys as comparable to Hammer - Nygma's a nerdy scientist who feels Wayne didn't respect him (and his revenge wasn't directed at Wayne); Brock is a more traditional opposite character, Peter without his sense of responsibility.
I can see where Captaindemotion is coming from, but the movie is so good that I think it does the whole Hammer story just right.
Also, Captain demotion I must add that I didn't even know Sam Rockwell was in the movie till he came on screen! I know I'm in Taiwan but I thought I would've heard that he was in it. Weird that he wasn't in the trailers.

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