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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

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I thought it had to have been intended to be funny - while not actually being so - because of the general context. The 'phat beat' bit, the semi-naked girls and the general slapstick of the house being blown away. I accept that it did turn into a sort of 'look at yourself!' scene, but it was hardly a serious exploration of alcoholism - if that's how it was intended, it failed miserably. I think it was just misjudged tonally all round.
Absolutely. The music needed to go. I think had that been removed, the scene would have flowed a bit more seamlessly and it wouldn't have come off as tonally incoherent. I honestly would have preferred to see Iron Man trying to help people or stop terrorism or something along those lines and he exhibits some erratic reckless behavior. Blowing up some items in his house was weak in comparison to some of the thematically weighty things he could have done to really drive the point home that he was becoming increasingly unstable.
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