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Re: Iron Man 2 - Grading & Discussion Thread (spoilers guaranteed)

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I tend to assume she would because she speaks with one in the comics.
It's been stated on a number of occasions that she doesn't have one (though, of course, given all the writers involved over the years, there are undoubtedly some counterexamples).

A Russian master-spy wouldn't speak English with a Russian accent.

I liked the movie; it didn't have the same freshness as the first one, admittedly.

I think the limited interaction between Tony and the actual villains probably played a part in that; his meeting with Vanko in Monaco was excellent, but they really don't have any substantial scenes together after that. Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer is well-played, but he's a complete buffoon, not really meant to be taken seriously - I thought this version of Hammer was interesting. Usually "mirror" characters are people who are like the protagonist, but better; here we've got a guy who has clearly consciously tried to be Tony Stark, but can't quite pull it off.
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