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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

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One thing about the THX baffle wall you mentioned. I never really heard that term before so I looked it up on the THX website. It's like "Ding, ding, ding...that's what that was!"
I can see how that would come on their site today! Its not the same as the original THX site in the 90’s, till it was sold/privatized that’s why its no longer called “LucasFilm THX” its just called “THX” now.

Oh its under the word “THX baffle wall” alright. THX even produced “The THX Bafflette” (this was in published, volume 1 number 5 June 1992 issue of “THX monitor”) that looks like the old traditional Altec or other loudspeakers of there heyday with large wings attached to sides of the enclosures.

Here is a small collection of the THX monitor and THX files I have.

Here is a small collection of the THX monitor and THX files I have.

Also some THX promotional martial. I wouldn’t mind the THX lobby poster and there are plenty of copies around for sale to day. I don’t want a hammered butchered up THX poster that looked like cat shredded it!

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I really miss running those THX trailers. With the original 70 mm one we'd ramp the volume knob up full blast at the end when the house was full. And everyone would clap. It would rattle the drinks out at the concession stand.
I can understand the desire/need to turn it way up! But that puts the speakers at great risk unless the amps and loudspeakers can handle those tolerance levels. (Oh, yes everyone knows THX tests them with THX torture test to see what there breaking point is).

Usually its mark “7” on the Dolby house fader, which is plenty loud enough! Unless it’s a film with soft dynamics and there are plenty of those around.

I heard a rumour that the Empire Leicester Square busted in one of few JBL 4645 sometime during the early 90’s with “THX Cimarron” which almost made me jump out the seat when the conductors hand strike up the unchristian with WHAM BOOM! then as the THX logo comes midway on the screen the subs become active and rattle the cinema something silly LOL.

Music for that was produced by James Horner for Willow in Dolby 70mm (SS).

Well one of the projectionist no longer works there, told me that they had to replace some 18” sub bass drives. It must have been the part where the subwoofer “boom channel” comes on!

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The backscreen speakers were mounted in housings cut through the wall. When the THX upgrade was done, a false wall was created that mounted the screen. The speaker loft spanned the space betweeh the sceen and the back wall, which created the storage area below where the subs were. That mysterious pad looked weird just stuck to the back wall.
Must be secondary absorbent martial to damper down the bass behind the THX baffle most regular non-THX cinemas have some absorbent on the back wall. The THX baffle wall is covered to stop the high frequencies from zigzagging off the perforated screen and reflecting back milliseconds after they have left the speakers.
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.

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