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Re: Jack Bauer and 24 series on precipice of same mistake ST. TNG made

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Fair enough... however the way the point was brought up earlier "Baird had only directed two films before Nemesis" seemed to imply that because of the limited number of directing jobs he'd had, he was thus unqualified. My main point in citing Spielberg and Lucas, who as we all know did have other directing jobs before their big hits, had also only done limited work prior to their first big successes.

I guess my question then becomes -- is the problem the fact that Baird did not have enough experience (in some people's eyes), or is it that he just plain sucks as a director?
Well, Baird is an he would/should have some sense of film narrative.

As I probably mentioned in the movie section, there were couple of issues:

*Baird didn't do his research...i.e. He thought that LaForge was an alien...

*Story flow; certain scenes just didn't need to be there....or tweaked...

*Shinzon wasn't that interesting.

*The film was only marketed to the TNG crowd; it came off as a routine Trek film.
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