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Re: Janeway's Hair

kimc wrote: View Post
I like the Season Five look, the French twist and the long hair with sides pulled back that was her casual look in Seasons 1 & 2.

BTW, Adm_Hawthorne: You left the French twist out of your poll. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not but perhaps akiraprise or I could use our "special mod powers" to edit it for you. I didn't want to make an attempt without your say so though.
I actually didn't. She had so many freakin' hairdo's that I decided to only include the Borg one in the poll because I was curious. Otherwise, I just assumed everything else is 'other' with an explanation.

But, if you want to put the twist in, I won't stop ya!

Purdy Bear wrote: View Post
From a personal point of view, its season one, where she had her hair long. Infact many of my online friends in a Long hair forum, are still trying to work out how they did her hair in those first few seasons. (NB the bun on top is called a Gibson)

From a military point of view, a lot of the hair cuts just would not be put up with. She would have had to wear her hair above, and not touching the collar. Season 1 and the first few others got it near to being right, neat, tidy, off the collar up dos, however later on the hair was allowed to grow on and beyond the collar, this would be totally unacceptable. It is one of the only disappointments I have with the series.

PS Was it a wig or extensions attached to her own hair?

You know, the unique thing about Star Trek, in general, is that it may be based on the concepts of the current military of the US, but it's not exactly the military.

I mean Jadzia Dax never had her hair in a up do either and neither did Deanna Troi. Number One on the first Enterprise had her down. Come to think about it, Worf's hair was long and was only in a ponytail there in the later seasons of TNG and into DS9.

I wouldn't base my expectations of approved Starfleet wear on the current military.
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