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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

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Thank you, ares93!
dont mention it :-) i recognize talent when i see it. put it to good use.
Wow. Thanks!

and about the ezri-julian story i agree. ive been trying to "repair" it myself. repairing without compromising the other stories can be a pain but its fun.
Amen and amen. To be honest--many times an episode or book sends me sprawling and squirming, due to some decision that I absolutely HATE! And believe me--never have such strong feelings been stirred in me like that before I learned that Mike and Andy broke up my favorite couple in all of Trek--with the most pathetic excuses in the book!

(Sorry, Mike and Andy. I love your writing, but...was all that really neccesary?)

And do you know what the worst part is?

I'm afraid that David Mack's Zero Sum Game is going to send me sprawling and squirming once again!

(I recommend the readers of this post go to the TrekLit forum, go to the "Typhon Pact Blurbs" thread, and see what I mean. )

mine ended up quite well actually but the english translation was terrible. i must admit, my "literature english" is far from perfect. :-) i should stick to my native tongue...
Well, I wouldn't worry. It took the Russian-born Ayn Rand quite a while before she was satisfied with her "literature English".

Hey--have you considered, once you're satisfied with your translation, posting your tale here?
i dont think i'll read zero sum game. you have no idea what it took to get a hold of fearful and soul key. none of my contacts could get a hold of them. i ended up buying them from china with the google translate grammar. it was bloody terrible i might add.

when i'm satisfied with the translation i see no reason why not to post it. however i dont know how long it will take. i guess my "Literature english" will improve significantly once i move to the states. and just to point out i pretty much killed your aventine storyline sorry... :-)

BTW when is the sequel coming?

I find it extremely satisfying watching Jehovah's Witnesses through my window. After all, it takes an RFID lock, a titanium enhanced fireproof door and bullet-resistant glass to keep them out of the building.
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