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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

One issue that arises with having major Engineering facilities in the saucer as well as in the Secondary Hull is that several times in the episodes a person is said to be in "Engineering" and our heroes know exactly where to go. If all the Engine Rooms are clustered together in the Secondary Hull this is not so much of a problem, but if the Engine Rooms are placed in different hulls then it could lead to some embarrassing moments when the Captain rushes into an Engine Room to find all the action taking place somewhere else! It was after watching Is There In Truth No Beauty the other night when precisely this situation occurred and it got me thinking. Granted, the Impulse Deck is an engineering facility but I'm gradually swinging round to the notion that all references to "Engine Room" and "Engineering" should point towards facilities in the Secondary Hull.

It goes without saying that I also don't have a problem with curved corridors in the Secondary Hull! Why? Onscreen evidence again : Deck 12 was shown in Mudd's Women and Enemy Within, Deck 14 was shown in Dagger Of The Mind. A long curved corridor was shown in Mudd's Women that was on a deck below Deck 12. Finally, curved corridors were shown leading to the Hangar Deck in Doomsday Machine and Immunity Syndrome.

Now, the only problem is fitting them all in...
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