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Re: Was Uhura a linguist?

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Ah, so she's a command officer...
Depends on how you define "command officer." As T'Girl pointed out, there is ample onscreen evidence that she is a bridge officer.

...a navigator...
We saw her man the navigator's station.

...a generic role-unspecified away team member...
*shrug* Landing parties (not "away teams," BTW) are comprised at the Captain's discretion. Kirk tends to prefer his most trusted officers (which includes Uhura) for the most part. Doesn't seem odd to me.

...a singer...
We saw her sing.

...a nude dancer...
We saw that onscreen, too. In one of the movies. You know, the movies...where she was also a hopeless klutz at Klingonese?

...but not a linguist and/or translator?
No onscreen evidence whatsoever of that.

Don't get me wrong. You're free to build your own personal backstory for any character you want any way you want to. But novels, actor's inflated opinions of their own characters, or your own personal wishes aside, you can't prove any of it by what's onscreen.
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