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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Captain Rob wrote:
The subs were in three cabinets under the screen each with dual 18 - 20 inch woofers. When we ran "Top Gun" in 70 mm we ran the volume on full on opening night and the subs could rattle your teeth out. The subs were later replaced with a huge Bose accoustical wave cannon at least 16 feet long, which made the previous subs sound pathetic.

Please wash your mouth out with soap! Bose!

Yeah who hasn't heard of the Bass Cannon?

I can imagine the feel good feeling for the need for bigger subs to move the air in the auditorium 20” is very uncommon. 18” is very common in cinemas.
Even though I had left UA in 87' I stayed in contact with a friend that became an assistant manager there after I left. The main THX auditorium had a loft behind the screen where the speakers were with an area below the loft which was wherethe subs were. We also used that lower area to store popcorn seed and oil. It served as storage with both ends having a locked door. When I later came by to attend a screening for "Days of Thunder", my friend took me backscreen and goes "Look what we got." The old subs were replaced with the Bose accoustical wave cannon that was bolted to the floor. It stretched the length of the storage area. "Thunder" was the first movie to play with the upgrade and it sounded incredible. One of the local clubs I went to had two of those things suspened from the ceiling. If you sat your drink on a table near them, the liquid's surface would dance around.
The subs at the Northstar's THX auditoriums were twin 18" woofers in a single cabinet mounted to the floor in front of the screen. We had to have a pretty substantial metal mesh enclosure for them because people kept trying to steal them. From all of the different sound system setups I've seen over the years, the one in the Prestonwood's main auditorium was definitely overkill. But it was worth it. I wonder if the setup's been changed much with the new owners?
Knowing that the Northstar was going to close I photographed the hell out of it, especially the auditoriums and the projection booth. The shopping center owner had bought the building and he only bought the equipment for the two THX auditoriums. I also took alot of pictures after the closing and the sadest ones are of the booth with six of the projectors torn down and on the floor. And they took the huge "UA 8" off of the front of the building. My one keepsake is the faceplate for the THX crossover.
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