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Re: Will blu-ray play on an HD monitor?

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OK, I don't know the terminology or technology of monitors, so I'm probably using the wrong words and asking the wrong question. Let me try again.

On YouTube, you get the option of clicking on 360p, 480p, and 720p and sometimes 1080, I believe. I'm assuming you choose one of these settings depending on what your monitor can handle and/or because of what setting the video was recorded in. Again, I don't know. What I'm wondering is if these YouTube options are available on most monitors. I quickly went through the buttons on my new monitor and didn't see it, but I didn't go through all the menus. So, when I played a DVD of Empire Strikes Back (which picture is high quality on my non-HD TV) and it looked like I was watching an old VHS tape of it on the monitor, I was wondering if monitors allow you to adjust down to 480p or something to make it look better. Am I full of crap or is that something you can do with monitors?
If it looks like it's being displayed at low resolution, (VHS-like, as you describe), it may well be an HDCP problem, as someone else mentioned above. HDCP is the encryption scheme used for HD content. I haven't payed attention to this for a while, but I remember a big deal being made of it back when the first HDCP-compliant video cards and monitors were being sold. In order to display HDCP-protected content, everything in the chain, from the Blu-Ray drive to the monitor must support HCDP. So, if your video card or monitor is older and doesn't support it, or if you're using a VGA cable instead of a DVI cable, the video will be down-sampled to 480p.

Have you tried any other Blu-Ray movies? If not, I suggest you try that. If they also look bad, you may need to upgrade your video card or monitor, or see if there is a workaround.
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